Introducing Fashion Feng Shui®

What does it mean and how can it help you?

Ever wonder why you are drawn to certain clothing styles or colours.  Or why you have that ‘aha’ moment when you try an outfit on.  It is because you are aligning yourself with your Essence, so that what people see on the outside matches that of who you are on the inside.

Over the last week I have been showcasing the elemental archetypes of Fashion Feng Shui® on Debbie’s Colours with Style Facebook page and now share it here for you.  Enjoy.

Dressing Through the Eyes of Fashion Feng Shui®

Fashion Feng Shui® is not just about dressing your appearance but finding your true Essence (your authentic self – the person ‘who’ you really are) and bringing them together so that you always have that ‘aha’ moment and feel comfortable in what you wear.  When you are comfortable in what you wear, this shows through and gives you confidence.  You can dress your authentic self through colours, styles, patterns, textures, shapes etc and combining this with your Appearance and Intention you will always dress your ‘true self’.  Why?  Because we are all unique, we all want to look good, we all want to feel comfortable in what we are wearing and we want to look confident.

Below you will find examples of an outfit from each of the five Feng Shui elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal together with that elemental archetypes description.

Water Element – Known as the Philosopher

Water Element - Picture by Witchery Clothing

The Philosopher person values their independence and freedom.  They need their own space and are in their bliss when alone.  They are highly sensitive and feel things deeply, are usually quiet and march to their own beat.  Time does not exist for them.

They are also creative, don’t like to commit and will look for unique clothing. Dark colours, abstract patterns and flowing fabrics will draw the Philosopher in. They like unique styling, uneven detailing, unusual mixes of colour and patterns, flowing or asymmetric silhouettes, reflective material, beading fringes etc.

Does this sound like you?

Picture from Witchery Clothing Range.

Wood Element – Known as the Pioneer

Wood Element - Picture from Witchery Clothing

The Pioneer person values action and growth.  They like to be busy with their high-energy wiring. They cannot sit still, being like an energised bunny, enjoy being active and have a competitive spirit. Always seeking growth Pioneers are good at focusing on new businesses or setting records or seeking innovative ways to do things.  They are in their bliss when they get things done.  They’ll move fast but will leave the detail and follow-up to others.   They love adventure but most importantly they value freedom of movement.

Their clothing will be sportswear type clothing or relaxed casual wear, as long as it is easy to move in.  They prefer plant based/natural fabrics, cotton, denim and linens.  Colours are blue and greens, florals, jungle prints and stripes.  Details such as hoods and zippers and baseball caps or backpacks are favourites of the Pioneer. Wearing columnar silhouettes: jeans, trousers, tunics etc will be their comfort choice.

Does this sound like you?

Picture from the Witchery Clothing line.

Fire Essence – Known as the Pleasure Seeker

Fire Essence, Live ClothingThe Pleasure Seeker has a charismatic spirit and values personal connections.  They are the social butterflies of the world and are in their bliss when they are with people.  They are passionate and their exuberance excites everyone they make contact with.  They love fun, are vivacious and positive and just love to have a good time.  They love to talk and always look for the positives.  They are great talkers, though they can wear their heart on their sleeves.  Good multi-taskers and adaptable to change.

The Pleasure Seeker’s clothing will suit their personality, attracting attention. Their garments will be body conscious with eye catching details.  they love bright colours and bold patterns.  Reds and purples.  Life based fabrics: leather, silk, wool, suede, fur, feathers. Prints could be animal prints, chevron/diamond shapes. They love wearing high heels.  Angular style lines – V-neck, pointed toes etc.

Does this sound like you?

Picture from the Live Clothing line.

Earth Essence – Known as the Peacemaker

Earth Essence - Ezibuy online Next Camel ColourblockThe Peacemaker values tradition, are stable, reliable, honest and practical. They like helping others but forget to take care of themselves.  They give, give, give.  If a Peacemaker makes a commitment, they follow it through. They are very good at detail and normally finish what others have started. Not adaptable to change and can be seen as “stubborn”. They can sometimes have problems with their weight. The Peacemaker is the Earth Mother, helpful and sympathetic.

Their garments will have structure to it, tending to be classic in design.  Colours are yellows, browns, khaki, earth tones and neutrals. Fabrics could be gabardine, muslin, raw silk, tweed, flannel or nubby or grainy texture. Plaids and checkered patterns.  Colour blocking, patch pockets etc. Square lines – cropped jackets, square necklines, square toes, symmetrical.  Classic, timeless accessories.  Peacemakers want to be comfortable in what they wear.

Does this sound like you?

Picture from Ezibuy online – Next collection.

Metal – Known as the Perfectionist

Metal Element - Carla Zampatti Silver Clouds Brocade Crop Jacket and Pant from David JonesThe Perfectionist strives for excellence in all they do.  They don’t like chaos but like order, systems and making lists.  They have a keen eye for detail and are meticulous in everything they do.  The Perfectionist will organise and analyse. They can be perceived as aloof but are actually reserved. Loving fine things, they are refined and elegant.

Their garments will need to be meticulously designed and of high quality. Perfectly fitted garments in a semi fitted style.  They prefer monochromatic colours, with colours of white, pastels and metallic. Little or no patterns. Patterns of rounded or scrolled designs: ie polka dots, brocade or lace.  Curved or rounded style lines and curvilinear details.  Think pale colours, polished textures and luxurious fabrics.

Does this sound like you?

Picture from David Jones, Carla Zampatti line.

Do you find yourself drawn to one of the above Elements or maybe two of them?  Can you see yourself wearing the clothes described?  Would you like to know more about Fashion Feng Shui®?   Yes.

Then please contact me if you would like to know more about this fantastic way of dressing your true self.  Debbie Cunningham of Debbie’s Colours with Style is the only licensed Fashion Feng Shui® in Perth, Western Australia.

Hope to talk to you soon.      Debbie xx