Fashion Feng Shui

LICENSED-FACILITATOR-badge-2015 (Copy)Fashion Feng Shui®

When we look good, we feel great.  But what we choose to wear plays a much more vital role than just flattering our appearance.  Fashion Feng Shui® believes that your closet is your most intimate environment.

Fashion Feng Shui® is a unique dressing technique that allows you to dress your authentic self (called Essence), affirm any goals or dreams that you may have (called Intention) and also looks at your hair, eyes and skin colouring and body shape (called your Appearance).  Using the energetic language of the Feng Shui five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal, your clothing should not only flatter you but fulfil who you are, function for your lifestyle and fortify you to achieve your intentions so that getting dressed becomes easy, authentic and incredibly powerful, elevating a mundane routine to a mindful and harmonious ritual.

Once you discover your Essence you will feel empowered to dress confidently for who you are.  Learning how to bring in your goals or dreams is also as important as dressing who you are.  When you dress with purpose, your clothes are fortifying and functional.  Fashion Feng Shui® allows you to synchronize your style by weaving your Essence, your Intention and your Appearance so that you feel confident and in harmony with what you wear.

What is Essence?

Your Essence is your inherent, unchanging nature – the “who” that makes you, you.

What is your Intention?

Your Intention is the consciously created energy of your mind that defines your Ideal Self, who you would be if there were no limits.  In Fashion Feng Shui, dressing who you would like to be is just as important as dressing who you are now.

The Service

This service is available as a one on one consult, or you could bring a friend along, and we will evaluate your Essence, identify your Intention, analyse your Appearance, decode your Design and Synchronize your Style.  Fashion Feng Shui® is also available as small group presentations or small group workshops.  For more information please contact Debbie at Debbie’s Colours with Style.  Debbie is certified to practice Fashion Feng Shui® and is the only licensed Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator in Western Australia.