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WA’s First Facilitator of Fashion Feng Shui®

Debbie is the first licensed Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator certified to practice in Western Australia.

Do you ever wonder why you choose the clothes you do?
Do you wonder why you gravitate to certain colours, textures or patterns?
Have you had your colours and style analysed before but it still doesn’t feel right?
Would you like to change your image and dress to your best potential?
Would you like to always make a fantastic first impression?
Maybe you would like to try a different method to styling?

Whether you have had your colours or style analysed previously or not, Fashion Feng Shui® is not just about your appearance, it is also teaching you to dress as your authentic self (the person who you really are). It also teaches how clothing can also help to find what you desire or your goals.

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How I Can Help You

Fashion Feng Shui®

Fashion Feng Shui®

When we look good, we feel great. But what we choose to wear plays a much more vital role than just flattering our appearance. Fashion Feng Shui® believes that your closet is your most intimate environment.

Colour & Style Consults

Colour & Style Consults

We will look at your style personality and discuss how this helps determine what clothes to wear with your body shape. We look at how your eye colouring, skin tone and hair colour combine to determine which colours best suits you.

Wardrobe Makeovers

Wardrobe Makeovers

Did you know most women wear only 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? Are you one? A wardrobe that doesn’t function well, is disorganised and chaotic, will permeate your everyday life. It is time consuming and frustrating.

Debbie’s Story


Debbie Cunningham is the founder of Debbie’s Colours with Style.

She too felt in a “rut” with wearing the same colours and style of clothing and started losing her confidence in what suited her.  After having her colours and styles completed she couldn’t believe how wonderful she felt. Debbie decided she wanted to become a qualified consultant so she too could help other people in a similar situation experience the confidence to wear their “style” and to feel great about their looks. Debbie has trained with:
  • Australian College of Professional Styling – Diploma of Professional Styling
  • Kim Bolsover of Improvability – Colour Analysis, Ladies Personal Style, Wardrobe Planning and Personal Shopping
  • Colour Me Beautiful – Image Consultant
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Some Of Debbies Clients

  • Stella

    “Thoroughly enjoyed being ‘allowed’ to look at myself to see what suits me. Have gained confidence in choosing my (soon to be) revamped wardrobe. Enjoyed the natural choice in colours plus some of the surprise colour choices.”


  • Kerry

    Very good colour consulting.  Found it friendly and enjoyable.  The consult has given me more confidence and I am surer of colours that suit me.

  • Natalie

    I really enjoyed this experience, discovering my colours and some unexpected ones.  Debbie was very professional but approachable.

  • Rebecca

    I have a feeling that I will look better and feel better in myself now that I know what suits me and what doesn’t.

  • Jenny

    Enjoyed having ‘me’ time and finding colours that suit me. I have also been on a shopping trip with Debbie and found this to be fun, especially trying on outfits I would not normally look twice at.
    I have also attended a Fashion Feng Shui® consult with Debbie and found this very interesting and insightful. Debbie was well prepared and very professional. She gave me some great ideas and lots of things to think about. She pinpointed my style very well. It was fun and helpful.

More Testimonials

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